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December 2017

Santa: Hohoho, Merry Christmas, everyone.

Brian: Merry Christmas, too, Santa Clown...

Arnold: BRIAN! Can you not mock Santa?

Brian: Meh, I know it, Arnold. Santa wants me to make a joke, so, don't disturb me, OK.

Arnold: Fine, just make any jokes but not hurt Santa.

Santa: Ah, that's fine, Arnold.

Arnold: *shock* Goddammit.

Brian: Santa Clown, can you show the "Merry Christmas" sign on TV.

Santa: Sure, good boy.


Arnold: *walks near into* Good decorations, Brian.

Brian: Yeah, and how about celebrate christmas together with Santa Clown?

Santa: Please...

Arnold: OK, I'm ready to celebrate

Arnold, Brian & Santa (Santa Clown by Brian): Merry Christmas and happy new year, everyone.

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